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For suspended ceilings and decoration

For suspended ceilings and decoration



For Ceilings & Décor

We strive to gain the trust and
satisfaction of our customers


About us:

  • Royal is one of the largest companies in the field of suspended ceilings and decorations

  • It is distinguished by a high reputation for the quality of its products because it took into account in its manufacture the sophisticated aesthetic level that corresponds to different tastes as well as the high technical level that meets the needs and requirements of the architects from special international technical specifications.
  • Specifications related to fire resistance, moisture, bacteria and sound absorption.



The company was established in 2014, the company is an agent for all gypsum factories, such as:

  • Knauf Co. - Germany

  • G Board Co. - Saudia Arabia .

  • Saint-Gobain Co. - France

  • De Tai Corporation - China.

  • Top Metal Factory for the production of metal sheet profiles, ceilings and gypsum walls, metal tiles, detection doors and perforated ceiling tiles.



  • Royal has been able to resolve the problem of producing a high quality product at an economical and competing prices.​

  • We paid attention to high quality as we used the latest machinery in manufacturing in addition to a specialized department to supervise quality.

  • Quality is our main concern since we focus on bringing the best raw materials in Egypt in order to win the confidence of our customers


For Ceilings & Décor

We strive to gain the trust and satisfaction of our customers

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